Assistant care payment system

A municipality in southern Sweden identified sickness management in assistance care (LSS) as the most prioritized area to automate. Bitoreq has developed an automated solution for the municipality and an e-service for healthcare providers. The municipality’s time of processing thus decreases from 30-60 minutes to less than one minute. The care provider’s management time is reduced by about 50%. In addition, both parties use the same calculation template, which significantly reduces the amount of rejected applications.

Attestation system for the elderly-care

Bitoreq has developed support for certification of work scheduels. From 10 thousands of manualy handled certifications per year, all certification is done automatically and managers now only need to handle deviations.


The fact that the need for skilled requirements analysis becomes ever more important is a fact. Deficiencies in the function are often associated with the requirement – the person who ordered the system could not really explain what you wanted. We at Bitoreq AB have given students the opportunity to develop and use curiosity, enthusiasm, solving ability, responsibility, creativity individually and in groups.

Journal system for care-related infections

Bitoreq has participated in a research project to find health-related infections. The work that took two nurses 6 months to complete can now be carried out in a day.