Intelligent automation

Efficiency and innovation

Bitoreq assists in creating more efficient and secure administrative routines while increasing opportunities for innovative solutions. We can accomplish these goals without affecting existing IT systems, which greatly facilitates the implementation itself. We can demonstrate that the solutions already implemented have provided solid results and that the technology works and pays for itself in a very short time. In fact, returns are evident within weeks and months instead of years. Large organizations will experience the impact of smarter digitalization almost immediately.


What Bitoreq Offers

Bitoreq offers SMART AUTOMATION, i.e. all tools and services necessary to start quickly and efficiently, while introducing future-proof digitalization based on your organization’s current situation. We provide the leadership to safely guide you and your organization through the improvements and changes to existing routines while ensuring security and implementing innovation.

We provide the following services:
• Analyze current operations and identify areas needing  improvement
• Set up strategies and plans for Intelligent Automation (RPA or AI)
• Lead all projects and programs necessary for implementation of digitalization
• Take responsibility for configurations and operation of tools and systems
• Provide follow up and evaluate results