Bitoreq at KOMMEK

By Wednesday August 29th, 2018 No Comments

Great interest in Intelligent Automation, and Bitoreq AB, at Kommek 2018 in Malmö!
Many visitors to the booth and Eva Kongshöj held two well-attended presentations at the Fackscenen on 22-23/8:
How Robin can create a more attractive workplace
As soon as you choose a focus on elementary school, you hopefully have an idea of ​​what you think is fun and want to develop within. For example, is about becoming a professional in cleaning, painting, caring, counting, researching or doing something completely different. Regardless of what you are training for, you sooner or later will suffer from tasks that you do not want. If these tasks are administrative and recurring, we suggest you include an additional employee, Robin, who performs the dull tasks and freezes time so professionals can be professionals! Let’s tell you more about this!