Smart Automation

Bitoreq AB takes on a holistic approach for Smarter Digitalization. We do this by helping businesses identify their improvement potential, implement Intelligent Automation, and, if necessary, support business improvement efforts.

Free up time and create an attractive workplace. Bitoreq AB automates recurring and regulated administrative tasks to free up time and allow professionals to be professionals. A nurse, with Bitoreq's help, can get more time for human contact with patients, a sales person has time to sell more and a manager gets more time to lead work. We have the competence to support public and private activities to effectively manage the continued digitalization. Our customers should feel confident in hiring Bitoreq!


Bitoreq AB is an expert in Intelligent Automation and has the tools needed to streamline administrative operations.


Bitoreq ensures excellence in our key areas!


Bitoreq has many exciting assignments in several different industries. We will help you to get these assignments.